Vision/mission statement

A Cup for Humanity is a premier non-government organization which was born as a response to the violent cycle of violent conflicts in the eastern Congo. It is our passion to provide an alternative to the culture of violence by planting seeds of peace, unity, and reconciliation, shaping ideologies and preparing the future generation to live in harmony and dignity. 

Our goal is to develop a nonviolent generation in eastern Congo. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of violence is reconciliation and community healing through education sponsorship and empowering refugees. This will give hope for the future for the victims of war and genocide as well as those living in poverty and to share the freedom that is found in Christ.

Core values

Human dignity  

We are strongly yoked with the spirit of the article one of the universal declaration of human rights which states that ‘ ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood’’. In that regard, we believe that none should be discriminated based on gender, race, sex, religion or any other form of differentiation. We uphold that Every human being was created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity, love and be entitled to all the rights and freedoms in society. We strongly believe that these rights should be expressed in recognition of the other and within peaceful measures. In no way, violence should be given space in solving conflagrating ideologies.

Love and compassion

We strongly uphold that love and acts of compassion are drivers of the Christian mission. The Trinitarian God is the loving and community God who invites us to participate in his missions as we share the same sacrificial love in words and actions without discriminating. 

Generosity in a holistic approach

At our organization, we recognize that, with educational sponsorship at the core of our work, children need other key factors to succeed: growing faith, community development, and a healthy body. Furthermore, our philosophy is driven by maintaining a healthy soul in a healthy body and spirit. We believe that, when given the opportunity to receive an education and spiritual guidance, children can escape the cycle getting trapped in the main precursors of violence in the region namely, poverty and negative indoctrination.


We strongly value the eternal principle of stewardship and accountability. Every resource in our hands should be managed in the most transparent way and get directed towards serving the high purpose of addressing people’s needs as we participate in transforming lives.


We believe that the cause of serving others is bigger than ourselves. Thus, shaping our posture in building strong relationships with our beneficiaries while we deliver high-quality service to them. We highly uphold that none should use the opportunity to serve as a means to exploit others or acting with consideration of personal gain; or demand favor of any kind. 

Transparency and integrity

Communicating clearly and effectively; providing and share sufficient information to keep others informed; disclosing relevant and appropriate information that may influence or affect important decisions; taking decisions on the basis of available information and analysis are the practices we are strongly yoked to in our organization.

Result oriented

Keeping the highest standard in work ethic and demonstrating excellence and delivering on time while displaying the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances is key to staying the course and achieving the goal of our organization.

The shared values unite and motivate all members of the organization, regardless of function or level. They provide a framework within which every member of the organization can operate with responsible freedom. 

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